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代表 / President and CEO

ナレシュ デオラ  / NARESH DEORA

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Born in India in 1965. After graduating from Jodhpur State University, Jodhpur, India, with a major in science, he worked for a jewelry company in India. He was in charge of all aspects of the company's operations, from gem identification, purchasing, and processing, to importing and exporting products. He established de'stone Co., Ltd. on September 25, 2013, utilizing his know-how and network in India, a major gemstone producing country.


de'stone  will continue to offer high quality and rare products at the best prices. We hope that we can continue to share the beauty of natural gemstones with as many people as possible.





Welcome to de'stone!
Nice to meet you. I am Naresh Deora, President of de'stone.
As a wholesaler of jewellery, many of our customers have been limited to the jewellery industry. However, in recent years, due to the power stone boom, we have been surprised by the number of people interested in natural stones and the wealth of knowledge of people who enjoy making jewellery as a hobby. We visit exhibitions for the general public where our friends are exhibiting and are often asked whether we sell our products to the general public. 


These people seem to have similar problems. Among them, we often hear stories from professionals involved in the production of jewellery for well-known brands, such as "I got some natural stone strand beads at a low price, but they were unusable because about 20% of them were of poor quality".

Naturally, when making necklaces and bracelets from stranded beads, it is important to ensure the uniformity of the size and colour of the stones, as well as the position of the through holes and how much the holes vary in size. In addition, when it comes to jewellery of popular brands, it is not possible to use stones of different quality in the products.
A purchase that should have been cheap turns out to be relatively expensive. On top of that, the 'poor' stones that are not used are put away in a box and left to be forgotten, without ever shining. That is a real shame for us, who are bridging the gap between you and the crystals of beauty that are a gift from the earth. de'stone decided to start selling natural stones to the general public at wholesale prices, not only for the above reasons, but also because we want to deliver high-quality products at the lowest possible price to everyone who loves Gemstones.

Natural stones are part of the earth just like us. They are full of energy, sometimes they bring a smile of joy to the recipient, and sometimes they are like a talisman, gently cuddling the recipient and healing their heart. Natural stones, like human beings, must be loved and cherished in order to continue to sparkle and shine forever.

de'stone co. ltd.





ナレシュ デオラ

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